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Cyber security is vital for schools who are increasingly reliant on IT and online systems. Achieving the Cyber Essentials certification is a cost effective and practical way to improve your school’s cyber security.

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About The Cyber Essentials Scheme

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme supported by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre).  It enables schools to demonstrate their commitment to cyber security in a simple and low-cost way.  It focuses on the successful implementation of five key cyber security measures (or controls) which can protect your school from around 80% of common cyber-attacks.

Cyber Essentials provides base-level security certification and shows you have the key controls in place in school.

Increase risk of cyber-attacks

The NCSC has warned of an increase in cyber-attacks against the education sector including phishing emails, malware from bogus websites and downloads, ransomware attacks and Denial of Service attacks. A security breach can affect large numbers of devices and services and is costly in terms of time and resources to deal with.

Advantages of Cyber Essentials


Government backed IT Security framework
An alternative or in addition to ISO 27001 Certification
Enables your organisation to tender for large projects
A must have requirement if you work with highly regulated industries
Achieve optimum IT Security in line with GDPR

5 Step Certification Process

ABtec’s certification process is designed to ensure your success with the Cyber Essentials certification. Through our initial audit, we’ll identify any shortfalls you may have and resolve them to make sure you’re fully prepared for assessment.

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IASME Accredited Certification Body

As an IASME accredited Certification Body, we’re fully trained and licensed to deliver both the Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance standards.

IT & Cyber Security Experts

All of our assessors are fully qualified and have deep expertise across IT and information security, so you can be sure we’ve got all your needs covered.

Quick & Efficient Certification

Our 5-step process ensures your certification goes as smoothly as possible right from the word go.


100% Success Rate

We’ll work with you throughout to ensure your certification is a resounding success.

According to the UK Government…

Cyber Essentials can help protect organisations from around 80% of the most common cyber attacks.


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