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Our Services

With huge expertise across the
IT Support, Cybersecurity and Communications space, we can take care of all your technology needs.

Cyber Security

Cyber security is the single biggest threat to your organisation.

Our experts will build a shield around your business to defend you from data breaches, ransomware attacks, and the latest penetrative techniques.

Managed Connectivity

Choosing exactly the right internet connection for your company is imperative to delivering solid uptime and connectivity to your voice and cloud platforms.

When you calculate the cost of downtime to your business as-well as the many applications being accessed via a web browser, the right internet connectivity solution is critical.

IT Support

Most companies only think about their IT when something goes wrong. We’re here to make sure you think about it as little as possible.

Our mission at ABtec is to keep you running smoothly – by implementing the right system, providing world class IT Support and speedy response times if a problem occurs.


Organisations of all sizes are moving their business-critical services, such as their phone systems, to the cloud and they are choosing our unique hosted telephony solution.

Our hosted telephony solution delivers a hosted business phone system with all the features organisations expect from a traditional phone system, plus, instant messaging; mobile apps; video conferencing and more.


Looking for scalable, flexible and cost-effective IT resources? The cloud could be the answer for your business.

At ABtec, we have helped companies around the globe and spanning several industries make a problem-free transition to the cloud. Boosting productivity, enhancing flexibility and providing advanced cloud security — while avoiding business disruption.

Business Continuiny

A great business continuity plan allows a business to bounce back from a disaster within a short-time frame to ensure that it suffers the lowest lack of productivity and cost possible during a disaster. It works by backing up or replicating the critical data of a company to a hosted environment.

With a plan, a business can recover and continue operating without severe consequences.

Our Partners, Vendors & Certifications

We only partner with the best!

We’re quite fussy about the people we team up with. We do a lot of research to begin with, and when it comes to technology solutions we do a lot of testing too.

Once satisfied, we work hard to build these partnerships, and commit to the highest accreditations and certifications and to undertaking in-depth training.

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