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With the complexity and variety of ICT infrastructure available today, making sure you invest in the right system to fit your precise needs is becoming more difficult. Our solutions are geared around removing the headache involved with the selection, configuration and installation of the hardware on which your school depends.




When designing your new server infrastructure project it is important to plan for the future, not just looking at what is the right solution for now.  This ensures that your server technology can evolve to cope with new challenges and incorporate upcoming technologies.


Abtec offers a wide range of server solutions that are designed to meet every need. From small concise solutions with built-in backup to large scalable rack-mountable technology used in larger virtualised environments.




Abtec offer storage solutions based on NetApp technology. They deliver unmatched organisational agility, superior application uptime, simplicity of management and breakthrough value for your school.


Minimising the number of disks you need to buy (because of the patented storage efficiencies of NetApp technology) and the elimination of live duplicated data across your network saves you not just Gigabytes but also money.


NetApp are so confident in the patented data reduction capabilities of their storage systems that they will guarantee that you will use 50% less storage space then with any other manufacturer when deployed in a virtualised environment.




Virtualisation allows one computer to do the job of many by sharing its resources across multiple environments. Virtual servers and virtual desktops enable the hosting of multiple operating systems and applications locally and in remote locations, delivering freedom from physical and geographical limitations.


Virtualising your ICT infrastructure lets you reduce costs while increasing the efficiency, utilisation, security and flexibility of your existing assets. By using less physical hardware it also offers a greener solution and reduced carbon emissions.

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