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Secure Offsite Backup

Safe, secure data storage made simple


ABtec's remote backup service for schools (RBUSS), offers a fully automated, online backup and recovery service. This simplifies the management of backups and gives control and visibility of remote devices over the internet with a direct dedicated IP link to our remote data centres. This is a Capita approved service for protecting SIMS data.


Automation, protection and compliance

RBUSS automatically protects data residing on desktops, laptops, servers and network attached storage devices according to retention policies and schedules set by the user. Data is compressed, encrypted and sent to a secure data centre before it is replicated to a second data centre. You can rest assured that the data is safely offsite for disaster recovery and regulatory compliance purposes. When data recovery is required, users can simply select the data to restore using an intuitive interface or, for large data sets, the data can be returned to site for local, high speed LAN based recovery.


Benefits include:


  • No capital outlay for storage and backup equipment
  • No maintenance costs
  • Data is encrypted and is stored offsite in high security UK based data centres
  • No tapes and tape management issues
  • Maximum data availability and data security
  • No need to acquire and maintain specific storage technical knowledge or management
  • Consistent regular data backups with minimum human intervention
  • Safeguards the confidentiality of school data through strong encryption
  • Flexible data retentions to comply with internal policy regulations
  • Rapid data recovery online or with an optional data recovery appliance
  • Ability to prove restores



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