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High Speed Internet Services

Pupils of today are used to an 'always on' and 'always connected' environment, so they naturally expect the same experience at school. Having a fast, reliable broadband connection with a fully manageable web filter is becoming an increasing priority in schools.

ABtec can provide fast, reliable and secure Internet connections which will enable your school to:


  • Raise attainment by having access to a plethora of freely available online content
  • Ensure that ALL pupils are safe online with proactive and dynamic filtering
  • Implement a successful BYOD scheme to allow anytime, anywhere learning


Opting out of your Local Authority provided Internet service is now common place among schools. Individual schools now have the opportunity to find a service that best suits their needs, and in difficult financial times, schools, like any other business need to control their costs.

With a range of Internet connections now available to schools such as:


  • ADSL
  • FFTC
  • EFM
  • Satellite
  • Leased Lines


Choosing the right Internet connection for your school can be quite confusing. Here at ABtec one of our Internet connectivity specialists will work with you from start to finish to ensure that you get the correct Internet connection that not only suits your needs but ensures you receive the best value connection for your area.


Get more from your broadband.


ABtec is uniquely placed to help you to get more from your Internet connection with:


  • Unrivalled e-safety solutions, training and consultancy.
  • High performance wireless networks that can cater for schools’ unique requirements.
  • Fully manageable filtering solutions give independence to you each school.
  • 1:1 computing & Bring Your Own Device consultancy services and solutions.


For more details on our Internet services please call us on 01942 209060 and speak to one of our connectivity specialists

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