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Backup & Disaster Recovery

School Backup Solutions & Data Recovery

ABtec's research has shown that the majority of schools are worried about their backup and data recovery strategy and most do not have a written strategy agreed with their Senior Leadership Team.


Does your school backup solution pass the BECTA test?


ABtec School Backup Solutions:

  • Are flexible to allow you to choose the backup solution most suited to your needs
  • Are tried and tested within education
  • Will help you to meet the BECTA backup guidelines
  • Forms part of a 'Complete Infrastructure solution'


ABtec offers a range of options perfect for education:

  • Internal server backup - choose from a hard disk drive backup (fast, robust and reliable) and LTO tape (still the best for large capacity backups)
  • ABtec's Disk to Disk to Tape Solution (D2D2T) - simplifies and centralises backup; perfect for schools struggling to keep up with ever increasing amounts of data
  • Secure Offsite Backup - a remote storage service for your most important data



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